Hi, I’m Alison Rainbow.

I’m determined to provide a solution to the supply of long-term housing needs required by vulnerable adults in the UK.

Seeing the lack of choice available to close family members with developmental and acquired learning disabilities, and the impact on our families as a result, it’s become clear to me that there’s a real gap between demand and supply in the UK housing market for first-rate supported living units.

My niece Emily was born with a genetic life-limiting condition that has slowly removed her independence since childhood. Her parents have battled to enrich her life but worry that there’s no plan when they’re no longer around to provide in-home care. One-step removed, I’ve always wondered why there’s no suitable housing alternative that allows Emily to live semi-independently with adult peers in a care-centric environment. There’s just no alternative near the family.

My partner Jamie was badly head-injured in 2005, leaving him with epilepsy and life-changing executive deficits, chiefly loss of speech, reading and writing. Despite his dogged determination and our combined best efforts to regain skills we all take for granted and retain independence, he will always need support and care. Again, what happens when I’m no longer around? There’s no suitable semi-independent option in our area to give him either the support he’ll need or the company he thrives.

Only by getting involved and working with local authorities and housing providers, together with property developers and investors, can the demand be met. And more people helped to live in good homes with dignity, and support where needed.

Together with my business partners, I aim to help people like Emily and Jamie, and to provide you with the help you need too!